Building a Million Dollar Business Part Time #14b: Confessions and Reflections

This is the second of two posts reflecting on what has worked, and what hasn’t, since conceiving and implementing the Hot Mommas Project case study competition. See first Confessions and Reflections post.

It ain't pretty. Computer + Face Mask = Fake Relaxation

It ain't pretty. Computer + Face Mask = Fake Relaxation

Pictured here, I am “relaxing” with my computer open.  Quite unsightly on a number of levels. First confession: I may be a part time working mom physically, but I am full time-plus mentally. I am constantly thinking about the project. I’m freaking exhausted. I seriously think I have carpal tunnel in my shoulder. Continue reading

Building a Million Dollar Business Part Time #2: Triage

I spent two nights at the hospital this week with my mom who is getting a bionic  knee.  Triage in the literal sense there. In the figurative sense, my schedule and prioritization process needs major help.  Plate clearing MUST happen NOW for me to be able to act on the plans below.  Otherwise, I’m just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.


Pictured here is my daughter Delilah (aka Lilah) at my mom’s house where I am playing nurse.  She is under the Jim Jones-like trance of “Cory in the House.”







Why is my plan (to which I committed in the last post) not complete already? This is not a great start folks. I was busy doing the following instead of my plan: Playing nurse, playing mom, other people’s work (client projects), and teaching. There’s always some reason, right? Here is how my week went with 28 hours available to me to work:


12 hrs- Other people’s projects

 6 hrs – Hot Mommas Project

 6 hrs – Teaching

 1 hr  – Alzheimer’s Association board call.

 3 hrs – G*d knows what – I logged my hours, distractions, and accomplishments one day when I was working at home. Here is an excerpt:


“It is now 11.03. I am supposed to be doing my client work. Instead, I have done the following:

  • Printed the outline for the client work – good. On task.
  • Started cleaning my email in-box – bad.
  • Respond to an email from our lawyer – bad.
  • Look at a text from my best friend right under the email from our lawyer – bad.
  • Installed the latest version of Quicken – okay, this is getting ridiculous.”

There is a management crisis in America today outlined in a book called A Bias to Action by Heike Bruch and Sumantra Ghoshal.  Apparently, many, many, many workers out there are confusing effort with results. I definitely think I am contributing to this management crisis right now. Time to overhaul my schedule:


1. G*d knows what time – don’t have this to spare.

Action: Log time and be accountable through this log.  Reel yourself back in woman. Don’t give into the time-sucker tasks. It’s like task crack.

Time gain: 3 hours.


2. Teaching

Action: This will go away in a couple of weeks when the semester is over.

Time gain: 6 hours.


3. Other people’s work

Action: No other projects until I magically develop more time.

Time gain: 12 hours!


4. Alzheimer’s Association

Action: None. I am the chair of the management committee and like to stay tied to the aging community so am not giving this up.

Time gain: 0 (but, is not every week, so – can use this hour for some “ongoing roles” in plan).


NET NET: I will gain back 21 hours per week.


Parting Thoughts: Holy moly. No wonder I haven’t been getting anything done.