#23 How to Build a Killer Network Without Going to Harvard Business School

Meeting with powerhouses today

Meeting with powerhouses today

I’m sitting in my room at the Westin getting ready to meet with two POWERHOUSES on the topics of women and money. (See more below). Interestingly, NEITHER of these connections are because I went to Harvard Business School. Here are my two cents on what it REALLY takes to make the connections that will change your life and business: Continue reading

Building a Million Dollar Business Part-Time #16: How to do a Mass/Blast Email Campaign


Let me start this post by saying: I am not a huge fan of mass emails.

Exception: When someone has opted in, as I have for two of the best newsletters I know (from Harvard Business School and Julie Weeks’ WomenAble, also listed at bottom of this post).

Sections of this post will cover: Popular mass/blast email programs/campaigners, how to write a blast email, challenges of blast emails, and other fun stuff. Everything in this post is totally opposite @TheMogulMom’s summary of Seth Godin’s advice on “How to Write a Personal Email.Continue reading

Building a Million Dollar Business Part Time #15b: Announcing Our Judges

Today we announce the Hot Mommas Project judging panel. (I’m also pasting the list below). They are awesome. Here is the press release.  How do you figure out how to “announce” something? This is how I did it given that we are going guerrilla and, even if we had more money I wouldn’t spend it because the economy stinks: Continue reading