#40a – Entrepreneur TMI? On dealing with business crisis.

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In my days as an analyst in the merger and acquisition/competitive analysis industry, I would listen with utter shock as heads of major corporations would pour their “business hearts” out to my team.  Product x was lagging in sales, and consumers hated it. They asked us for help.  They were getting killed by a foreign competitor. Could we help them? We were the business therapists for corporate America. I always wondered if they spoke this way to everyone, or just a select few. Whatever the methodology, they seemed clear on one thing:  Our clients had the wisdom to realize they must confront reality, to change reality.

Confront reality, to change reality.

A lot of entrepreneurs “spin it.” You have to, for funders, clients, etc.  “How is everything?” “Oh, greeeaaat! Greeaaaat!” But, when DO we share the truth? So, when I detailed the crisis which almost de-railed #sisUdc – Sisterhood University – last weekend, my husband:

  • #1. Couldn’t believe I survived without having a nervous breakdown and
  • #2. Discouraged me from writing about it.

Now mind you, everything turned out great (see news coverage), but it was quite the juggling act getting there.


Me, on walk this a.m. with hubby:  “I wrote a post describing the fire-fighting I did behind the scenes before #sisUdc.”

Husband:  “Uuuuuhhhh, I wouldn’t write about that. I think you can use other examples of crisis.  So many people think you do great work. Why jeopardize that?”

Me:  “Because I go through the tough times like everyone, and have to balance a ton of stuff just like the women in the audience. It seems silly to pretend I don’t or that everything is perfect.”

Husband: “Veeeeerrryyy interesting.”


So, I am still not sure I should “out” the series of crises that almost prevented #sisUdc from happening. Do I share what REALLY went on behind the scenes?  Please vote below.

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17 thoughts on “#40a – Entrepreneur TMI? On dealing with business crisis.

  1. So far Paul and Jill say “tell!” From Twitter (until I figure out this plug-in):

    Your cred would never suffer with me… RT @ChiefHotMomma: My husband says I shouldn’t write about this. Please vote http://ad.vu/5had

    1/2 @ChiefHotMomma You absolutely HAVE to write it! We don’t need to put on a “fake” smile for people to believe we’re smart/capable.

    2/2 @ChiefHotMomma I think it builds credibility to show that u have ups & downs. When I see one who’s ALWAYS happy, I always question them.

  2. Definitley talk about the times when you struggle; it makes you one of us – it makes you human. I find myself being too hard on myself, almost to the point of throwing in the towel, when I follow, read about, or talk to women who seem to be able to find time to do so much more than I can and never admit a struggle. Keep it real – it’s so much more inspiring.

    • Thanks Linda! Am am so one of us. So human. Sometimes alien, in fact. And, yes, you are right…women being so hard on themselves is something I want to discourage. There is a time for butt-kicking, and there is a time to be nice to ourselves. Learning how to navigate both can be tough, but, I think that’s one huge takeaway from my behind-the-scenes crisis that I will be sure to mention thanks to your comment.

  3. Love this, Kathy! Yes, please – definitely “out” the crises and how you overcame them! Thank you so much for your courage and authenticity to tell the truth. My goodness, truth-telling is something that is so rare and precious today, and we all long for it.

    And as you know, I’m all about coming clean with our mistakes and our challenges so we can heal and learn from them, and help others do the same! Thanks for talking last week, and spurring me on with my “My 52 Mistakes” project. Here’s the latest vlog: http://www.elliacommunications.com/2010/10/my-52-mistakes-video-blog-launches/

    So helpful to chat with you! Thanks Kathy, and looking forward to reading more.

  4. If you never experienced sorrow you would not know joy! If you never experienced heartbreak you would not know love! If you never failed you will have never tried! It is in our “spectacular failures” a quote from Rose Wang, CEO of Binary Group, where we learn our greatest lessons. Knowing how NOT to do something is equally as important as knowing how to do it! Breaking the rules, pushing the boundaries, questioning the status quo and sharing lessons learned helps others shorten the distance to achievement and growth! Yes, please share!

  5. Ironically, I just had a conversation with a close male friend about failure the other day. He is being promoted again at his job and expressed being afraid of failure at this new Sr. level with, as he put it, “the fall being greater the higher you go.” I had to remind him that we all fail at times, everyone expects that, it’s how you handle the failures for which people will remember you.

  6. I don’t think sharing your trials and tribulations could ruin your business. I think of it as a learning experience for all of us. You obviously did the right thing since you came out from under and that should be applauded, not hidden.

  7. Loving Cynthia’s, Linda’s and Carolyn’s perspectives. Thank you. I do believe it is the “soil” for the growth that gets us to the next level. I learned a great deal, and so have my students who were helping at the event. They view composure in the face of crisis as a leadership trait. And, I thought, “Oh, good. So, they grey hair is worth something.” 🙂 thank you ladies.

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