#39 Pt 2-Is My Career Less Important Than My Spouse’s? The Part-Time Worker’s Bill of Rights.

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In the last post I shared struggles with the following:


  • In an effort to stave off the vampirism of my professional drive, I’ve entered a professional coma.
  • Or….am I simply entering a new, more mature phase of my life?

All of this was brought about when two angel investors jumped all over the Hot Mommas Project business model during the month of August.  We have the credibility. We produce great results in our classes with women. I am affiliated with a university and am an entrepreneur. And some other stuff. All of these things make the investors excited.  The real challenge is at home and how all of “this” will work. My husband is pushing me to kick it up a notch.  Should I? He even says he’ll help me. We’re a good team, see, just look at these T-shirts he got us…

Doesn’t this just spell “I support you honey?”

Pro argument: Don’t invite the vampire in. Having toned down the maniacal drive is a good thing. This is the “new phase” of my life where I learn that, in fact, the CEO of a major nonprofit being a snit is NOT that big a deal, but my daughter double-downing on Tylenol IS a big deal.  There’s maturity, perspective, and fewer highs and lows. DON’T LET THE VAMPIRE BACK IN!!

Con argument: Invite the vampire in. I’m in a professional coma. The old “get-obsessed-and-do-whatever-it-takes-to-get-it-done” part of me is possibly gone, or on hiatus. Only, no one has cured me of my coma or – conversely – ordered a DNR. I’m probably the only one who can do either. It’s time to welcome back our old friend…maybe there can be some cross-breeding with a Fairy like in True Blood so I can walk in the light with my kids and not be a professional troll/vampire holed away somewhere.

Sookie, a fairy on True Blood, whose blood allows Vampires to walk in the daylight. Bonus!

Well, “crat (this is my seven year-old’s attempt at a curse word).

Both of these sound sort of compelling.

I wonder if the answer is …. BOTH. I am BOTH in a new phase of my life, but also in a professional coma (compared to my past vampire drive self). So, what to do?  The main reason I don’t kick it up a notch is:

1. I get tired and

2. People in my house get cranky

If I’m not there to make things better, then…well….and that is when I came up with the Part Time Worker’s Bill of Rights. To keep people from thinking they’re doing too much, or not enough, and get my reinforcements in gear if I do hop back on the runaway train.

Part Time Worker’s Bill of Rights (Draft)

1. There is no such thing as “part-time.” The part-time worker is working ALL of the time. It’s really “split full-time.” List typical schedule here:

  • Typical schedule of split full-timer:________________________________

2. The part-time worker is home more often because it is understood that role has value. That value should be recognized and, if necessary, quantified to ensure a home filled with mutual respect for each other’s roles and skills sets. Quantify the numerical or other value of the part-time and full-time worker below:

  • Part-time professional worker:  ____________________________________
  • Full-time professional worker:  ____________________________________

3. Grievances of the part-time worker can and should be discussed, as they should for any member of the household. List what’s working and what’s not to be raised at a Sunday family meeting at 4:00. Use “I statements” in describing grievance, and make requests, not demands.

  • What’s working: _______________________________________________
  • What’s not working: _______________________________________________

4. The part-time worker reserves the right to “kick it into high gear.” If there is an opportunity,  he/she should expect some means to establish spouse and family support. Write an example of event, and type of support needed:

  • Kick it into high gear event/project example: __________________________________
  • Family/spouse support expected: _________________________________

5. The part-time worker should have a plan. Will they go back to full-time, if so when? Will they continue to work part-time? If so, the driven part-timer has an obligation to attempt to maximize “power per hour” or the amount accomplished/amount earned due to constricted hours. Write work schedule and plan for improving power per hour here:

  • Schedule: __________________________________________________________________
  • Power per hour tips: __________________________________________________________
  • Power per hour improvement plan: __________________________________________________

That’s as far as I’ve gotten.

What am I missing?

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