#25c – David Rubenstein’s Top 10 Chicken Soup for the Economy? Women in Business Get Your Game On

David Rubenstein, Co-founder Carlyle Group

David Rubenstein, Co-founder Carlyle Group

  • The US unemployment rate is currently 9.8%. It’s the highest in 36 years.
  • Americans are unwilling to take risks or trust big companies. Young people are uncertain of  their career paths.
  • After World War II, the US constituted were 48 percent of the world’s GDP. Now we’re about 20 percent of the world’s GDP.

From the women’s perspective, here is a women’s factoid I tweeted the other day to add to the bad news:

@ChiefHotMomma: Economy &Women: 19% of senior exec women lost jobs vs 6% of men http://ad.vu/m7j8 [Huff Post Blog / Catalyst Rsch]

The bleak picture painted by David Rubenstein of the Carlyle Group has a silver lining. As Bill George said earlier: Is there an opportunity for you during this crisis? Women and their families are thinking more entrepreneurially during this slow economic time (see links below). Is this the time you’ll look back on as your most brilliant because – when forced – you rose to the occasion, sold the big deal, came up with the new idea, or took a risk you thought you never could? If this is, or could be you, David Rubenstein had some great, quick lessons learned: Continue reading

#25b – Pat Lencioni Trust and Conflict Exercises for Teams, Women in Business

Pat LencioniPat Lencioni started his talk with a story about parenting and how it relates to the management of teams. He echoed a key theme mentioned by previous speakers Bill George and Bill Conaty: TRUST. Trust in business? Huh? Trust the evil empire? But, Pat focused on PEOPLE in companies. He discussed five areas of improvement to build teams. But here, I want to focus on Trust and Conflict: Two issues I see surface repeatedly with women finding their way in both career and life. Continue reading

#25a – Leading in a Time of Crisis by Bill George, The Women’s View

Penny and Bill George - Leaders in Business and Life

Penny and Bill George - Leaders in Business and Life

I was running so hard to be CEO of Honeywell that I was losing it. I was trying to impress the board of directors.  I came home and told my wife this. She said, “I’ve been telling you this for a year, and you didn’t listen.” It’s always those closest to you who see it. When I walked in the doors of Medtronic, I knew it was where I fit. It was like coming home to a place where I’d never been before. We were making a difference in all kinds of tough diseases.

What are you going to do when you leave this world? What is your legacy? Be part of that small group of people that is changing the world.

The above is an excerpt from Bill George’s speech at the 2009 World Business Forum in New York that I’m attending with an eye toward women’s issues. Bill George is an HBS professor and former CEO of Medtronic. George gets a high rating from the ChiefHotMomma for addressing issues and trends important to women, their lives, and their businesses.

Here are his top seven leadership skills for leading in a crisis. Aside from the recession, I always feel there is some sort of crisis going on whether it’s life or business. I really liked these points. Continue reading