#19 How We Hired an Intern on Twitter (yes..Found, Interviewed, Hired)

 Here is Brandy. She is our new intern. Isn’t she adorable?

Twitter-size pic of Brandy

Twitter-size pic of Brandy

She is smart as a whip and responsive beyond belief too. She is actually totally overqualified to be an intern. She is a virtual assistant – and a fabulous one who gets paid. But she wants to help US – The Hot Mommas Project – because she is inspired and wants to give back. Here is how we found her, and hired her, 0n Twitter.


It all started when I posted the following on Twitter:

 Posted by ChiefHotMomma

Please RT: The Hot Mommas Project is seeking 2 unpaid interns. Must have interest in women’s leadership. #BeAnIntern mkting/tech/outreach6:37 PM Jun 10th from Adjix

The RTs (re-tweets) began and the Twitter Sisterhood rose powerfully from their desks, parked cars, playdates, and boardrooms into the Twitterverse. Each of the women below put our intern listing out to their networks, representing a good 40,000 people.  And, here they are, the Twitter Sisterhood that helped us find Brandy:

@ladyday93 @jillfoster @digitalsista @gingerlatte @sarahrobinson @jessicaknows @e_wendt @tcwsonja @danavshelley @AFashionista @lydiafernandes

I DMed (Direct Messaged) Brandy my email so she could send me her resume. This all took place Thursday.

Friday, I decide “Hey…Why don’t we just conduct the entire interview on Twitter?” I knew my kids could wake up at any minute and a phone call would be pointless. We used a #BeAnIntern (search term) on Twitter and also used www.TweetChat.com to help organize.took place piece by piece as I:

1. Got my kids breakfast.

2. Took my son to school.

3. Played in the playground with my daughter.

4. Walked to Starbucks – of course – with my daughter.

5. Watched Dora with my daughter. 

I extended the offer to Brandy right as Dora was ending. So, that is officially the best Dora The Explorer I’ve ever not watched. My daugher was cuddled up beside me, Brandy was knocking all the interview questions OUT OF THE PARK (in 140 characters or less), and I wound up with HELP. Which – as we ladies know – is what we so desperately need. 

The Hot Mommas Project needed someone smart, flexible, who believed in our cause, and who “gets it.” Kids screaming in the back? No problem. Internet access out at the university where I teach? No problem. Brandy can roll with us for sure.

WELCOME ON BOARD BRANDY! Find Brandy’s blog here. She is a virtual assistant. Hire her!


6 thoughts on “#19 How We Hired an Intern on Twitter (yes..Found, Interviewed, Hired)

  1. Thank you so much! I had a blast doing my first Twitter interview and I truly believe I will fit in with the team and be a great fit! Didn’t realize you were doing so much “behind the scenes”, but then again I had my 10 month old and 2 year old eating breakfast and doing diaper changes while interview was taking place too 😉 Looking forward to being a part of the Hot Mommas Project!

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