Building a Million Dollar Business Part Time #15a: The Press Release Backstory

Didn't you hear about the new reality show? Toddler Renovation.

Didn't you hear about the new reality show? Toddler Renovation.

So here is really what is going on the morning of announcing  judges for The Hot Mommas Project.

MUSIC: Can’t get M.I.A.’s Paper Planes from Slumdog Millionaire out of my mind, so, that’s the song to which the following events are set.

5.50 am

I get up, log on to (a supposedly free press release service) only to notice that the the press release I uploaded last night has been “rejected”. We are newsworthy, don’t have links in the release. What gives?  I pay $10 to upgrade my account. We’ll see if this magically gets our press release published. My guess is it would be the same at

5:50 am – 7:00 am

My 5 year-old son is obsessively asking me, “Mommy. Where’s my robot?”

I have no picture for 3 or 4 for our judges. I told Achin to put up an avatar for them. It’s not there.  Semi-pathetically, I begin combing through proofs from my wedding a decade ago, because one of the judges – Adriana Alarcon Efrach – was at my wedding.  I try to get a grip and prioritize.

7:00 am

Peapod arrives. Our dog goes nuts. My husband leaves for an early meeting.

I have a headache.

7:41 am

I am going upstairs to take my only headache cure, an Advil / Tylenol combo, and I know I’ll come back downstairs to unicorns and butterflies and everything magically being okay. The judges page will be up, as will our press release.

7:56 am

Back downstairs.  Waiting for drug cocktail to take effect. Coffee in hand. Good. Kids “cleaning” bathroom. As part of this, my son has successfully negotiated away from me a LUSH bath fizz ball thingy because he says, he just “needs a quarter of it.”  (Apologies to Stephanie Gresham, the incredibly wonderful Senior Secy at the Department of Management who gave me that bath ball.)

7.59 am

I look back on Well, well, well – isn’t this interesting that after paying, my press release is magically “pending.”  Karen Kerrigan, one of our judges, is going to blast this to all her sources so hopefully that will help compensate for the fact that we have no PR firm, although, there is Racine Tucker-Hamilton at GW and DON’T GET ANY IDEAS people…she’s ours.

8:10 am

Okay, Achin was supposed to finish the judges page or tell me by 8 that he couldn’t do it so I can plan my day. I go upstairs to find my phone, do a bunch of other stuff, and come down without my phone.

8:14 am

I go back up to get my phone. I have made the grave error of putting it on “silent”, which means an archaeological dig is likely going to ensue. Naturally, I find my phone on top of a pile of clothes on top of the hamper.

8:15 am

Shockingly, or not, the press release is magically “approved” on after paying $10.  [12.18.09 UPDATE: 1888PressRelease refunded my $10 and re-released the press release! So, I officially love them. The traffic is crashing our site, almost.] Achin texts me to say the judges page will be ready in an hour.

8:26 am

I hear my daughter upstairs, now with Nat – our babysitter and surrogate big sister – saying, “Supew girw to da wescuuuuu!” For those of you who do not speak “Toddler”, this means “Super girl to the rescue.” While I generally consider working at home a couple of days a week (when I’m not at GW) to be a disaster, there are moments like this that are too cute.

8:45 am

The painter arrives. Oh, did I not mention this? Yeah. Have our painter/handyman coming today to fix some of my son’s handiwork from the summer (pictured at top of post). This was highly dumb to plan this for today.  When my husband says, “Let’s just keep it simple,” I am almost certain this is NOT what he means.

10:34 am

After a lot of back and forthing, we’re ready to go. I’m going on Twitter to announce the judges.


Because it would be a tad inappropriate to place this in the next, more educationally-oriented link, the themesong for the next post will now change to THIS. We.Are.Pumped. These judges are THE REAL DEAL. Good brains. Good people.

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